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Grammy nominated recording artist and producer Shawn Rivera (formerly of Az Yet ) and acclaimed singer-songwriter Norm Adams (best known for his duets with Julia Robertson of the 90’s girl group Ex Girlfriend ), have joined forces to form NASRUS; a Philadelphia-based vocal duo and songwriting/production team, whose brand of fun, upbeat pop/dance music is sure to resonate with multigenerational audiences.


Norm Adams


Shawn Rivera

With a self –identifying name (Norm Adams + Shawn Rivera = US ) and a “let’s not take ourselves too seriously” attitude, these two accomplished performers are set to introduce their next act in a major way; with the release of their debut single, “Neurotic Goddess”. Written and produced by NASRUS, “Neurotic Goddess” is a tongue –incheek cautionary tale about the dangers of infatuation. In other words, sometimes that which looks good to you may not necessarily be good for you!

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